The Alley Cats
are minor characters, in the 1970 Disney animated movie, The Aristocats. They are a group of cats, who are friends with Scat Cat. They are a bit silly, and goofy, but still melodic, and kind. They help Duchess and her three kittens have a place to sleep at night, and also entertain them with their musical abilities. There names and appearances are the following:
  • Shun Gon: Slender Siamese cat.
  • Hit Cat: Slender cream cat, blonde hair, shades, necklace.
  • Peppo: Short and obese tan cat, red bandanna, green cap.
  • Billy Boss: Russian Blue cat.

Shun Gon is voiced by Paul Winchell, Hit Cat is voiced by Lord Tim Hudson, Peppo is voiced by Vito Scotti, and Billy Boss is voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft.

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