is a character from the Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo. He is a puffer fish, who lives in the dentist's fish tank, along with the rest of the fish tank gang. He the second in command to the fish tank gang, behind Gill. Whenever he gets scared or angry, he bloats up while saying "here I go again" and then one of the other fish has to let the air out. He thinks the disgusting stuff in the tank is good to eat. He once at a lot and burped loudly.

Bloat was voiced by Brad Garrett.


  • Bloat doesn't just bloat when he is scared or angry, he also does that when Bloat burps.
  • He loves the disgusting fish tank stuff and burping.
  • Bloat burps twice in the film. Once when Gil tells the gang to think dirty thoughts and Bloat belches. The other time is when he eats the bad stuff in the fish stank and burps in Gurgle's face.
  • He seems to have little mannered like when he burps and doesn't say excuse me.


  • "Can't here you Peach!"
  • "Tastes pretty good to me (Bloat burps green bubbles)"

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