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is a protagonist in Disney/Pixar's 1998 film, A Bug's Life. She is a gypsy moth who has beautiful patterns on her wings on both side. She is Manny's wife, and is normally his "lovely assistant" in their magic shows at P.T. Flea's circus, and according to PT they are the best act in the circus. She and the other circus bugs are all fired when they nearly kill PT, and are then recruted by Flik to help them fight off Hopper and the other grasshoppers, when he mistakingly thinks they are warrior bugs. Gypsy is shown to be very kind as shown in most of her speaking lines. She is very defenceive and brave shown when she was luring the bird away from Slim and Heimlich, and later, during the circus performance for the grasshoppers, she defends her husband, Manny when the grasshoppers begin to get suspicious.

Gypsy is voiced by Madeline Kahn.

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