Here are the list of animal deaths

  1. Coral gets eaten by the Barracuda
  2. Mufasa gets throwed off the cliff by Scar
  3. Monstro crashes into a huge rock and dies
  4. Hopper gets eaten by The Bird
  5. Bambi's Mother gets shot by Man
  6. Scar gets eaten by Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
  7. Kerchak gets shot by Clayton and dies after he reforms
  8. Coral's Eggs get eaten by the Barracuda
  9. Zira falls off the cliff and drowns in the water
  10. Ratigan falls off the cliff
  11. Ray gets killed by Docter Facilier and joins the sky with his deceased girlfriend
  12. Anglerfish gets eaten by Blenny
  13. Kerchak and Kala's Baby gets eaten by Sabor
  14. Sabor gets killed by Tarzan
  15. Nuka dies as a result of being crushed under logs
  16. Diablo gets turned into a stone

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