Maid marian

Maid Marian is the ladylike, sweet and very beautiful 27 year old wife of the title protagonist of Robin Hood and its secondary protagonist, though she doesn't appear much. She has a lady-in-waiting named Lady Kluck. She loves children, as revealed when she is showing kindness to Skippy Bunny, his sisters, and Toby Turtle, and when during a battle, she says she wants at least a dozen children of her own. She is made a vixen in order to suit Robin, though she is related to King Richard and Prince John, both of whom are lions. Marian wears a purple headdress, a light lavender shawl, a purple-and-pink dress with long, puffy sleeves and a stone, frilly pink ankle-length pantalettes and purple shoes. She is voiced by Monica Evans, with Nancy Adams doing her singing voice.


Unlike all other females in Robin Hood, Maid Marian is the only female to ever wear shoes. However, in the alternate ending's storyboards, she is shown to be barefoot.