The other rabbit children

Mother Rabbit has over a dozen children, including Skippy Bunny, Sis Bunny and Tagalong Bunny, but this article excludes those three and is about the other ones. They never say a word throughout the film; however, they do take part in singing "Happy Birthday" to Skippy (though their mouths don't move). Normally, when their mother runs with them, two of which, who are babies, are carried in one of her arms, and she uses the other hand to carry the rest, who are holding hands, like a chain, including Tagalong herself.

In the jail, the (unnamed) rabbit children, are surrounding their mother, who is feeding one of the babies. Finally, with the other paupers, due to Robin Hood and Little John, they break free from jail. At last, they are seen watching Robin and Marian ride off on the wedding carriage, unaware that Skippy has ridden off with them and Little John.

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