Rolly is a character from the 1961 animated Disney movie, One Hundred and One Dalmatians. He is the son of Pongo and Perdita, and the pet of Roger and Anita Radcliffe. He is obese, and he is always seen asking for food, and telling his parents that he is hungry. Even after just eating, Rolly can be seen asking for food.

In the first movie, Rolly and his other puppy siblings get kidnapped by an evil lady named Cruella Devil, and he, along with his parents and 98 other dalmatians, must make his way back to his owners, the Radcliffe's house. In the sequel, he appears as a minor character, when he is once again kidnapped by Cruella, but is this time, rescued by Patch. Rolly is also one of the three main characters from the 101 Dalmatians spinoff TV show, along with Lucky, and Cadpig.

Rolly was voiced by Barbara Baird.

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