Sandy is the pet dog of Annie Bennett-Warbucks in the 1999 TV film version of "Annie", based not on the 1982 Columbia film of the same name, but based on what that film is also based on: the 1970's stage musical of the same name, based on the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie". He is portrayed by two dogs, Chester and Chip in this version

Sandy is first seen next to the pound, taking away an ear of roasted corn from Annie, but sadly gives it back to be comforted by Annie.

Near the end, aware that "Ralph and Shirley Mudge" are actually Rooster (Daniel Francis Hannigan) and Miss Agatha Hannigan pretending to be Annie's parents, he barks at them, but Annie, unaware, tries to calm him down and get him to be polite.

At the end, it is presumed that Sandy gets adopted because Annie does.

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