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The Crows

The Crows are supporting characters in "Dumbo". Counting their leader, Jim Crow, there are five of them.

Role in the filmEdit

Jim Crow and his four brothers are shown in a tree while Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse are there, and they assume they flew up there, causing Timothy to believe Dumbo's ears made him fly. The crows laugh at this and sing the song "When I See an Elephant Fly". Timothy gets angry and tells them a lecture on Dumbo's sad story, causing them to cry. Because of this, they decide to help Dumbo fly, and Jim Crow plucks off a feather off one of the crows. He then tells Dumbo and Timothy that it is a magic feather to give him confidence. Eventually, Dumbo does learn to fly and becomes great friends with the crows. Finally, after he becomes famous, the crows bid him good-bye and wish him the best.


Jim CrowEdit

Jim Crow, the leader of the brothers, is slender with black feathers and wears a brown bowler hat, a pink-and-fuchsia-striped cravat, a blue vest, and pink spats on his feet, making him the only one to wear any kind of footwear. Also, he carries a cigar.

Preacher Crow, the tallest, is tall and slender with black feathers and wears a gray vest, a gray hat, and pince-nez glasses on his beak.

Fat Crow is obese with black feathers and wears an open-front fuchsia vest and a blue fedora.

Straw Hat Crow is also slender with black feathers and wears a yellow hat with a hole on top that slides down over his eyes and a blue-and-fuchsia striped shirt.

Glasses Crow, the smallest and youngest, is small and slender with black feathers and wears a blue sailor hat, a red sweater, and white glasses with pink lenses. He's the one who gets the magic feather from his tail.

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